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MANICURE – What is a Manicure All About ?

Treat yourself with a manicure which is a cosmetic treatment of the hands. A good manicure would involve some cutting, shaping, and often painting of the nails, as well as the removal of the cuticles, and softening of the skin.

  • Cutting, Shaping.
  • Painting of the nails, as well as the removal of the cuticles.
  • Softening of the skin.
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Pedicure is a professional care and treatment of the feet, as removal of corns and trimming of toenails.

Mani & Pedi- Combo

Get the best of both worlds

Mani & Pedi = Be Happy

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With Mani & Pedi is one of the best way of getting your fingernails and toenails treated right. But don’t forget treatment is important but so is style ! Pick the color of your choice among our great colors selection. At Ongle Style Unique seat back and relax on our great pedicure chair and enjoy a great back massage while receiving your pedicure treatment.


Mani & Pedi (applicable nails care)

  • Nails cutting and shaping.
  • Removal of the cuticles and corns.
  • Trimming of toenails.
  • Nails and toenails varnish.
  • Softening of the skin.
  • Foot massage.

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Shellac is a nail product that lasts for at least 14 days without chipping, scratching, or smudging. Many women have noticed that their nails are stronger and healthier after using shellac. Not only does it not damage your nail but it improves your nails health. softening of the skin.


Gel nail polish is more durable than other nail polishes and can last two weeks or more without chipping. Ultraviolet (UV) lamps are used to “cure” or seal the polish to the nail damage your nail but it improves your nails health.


Acrylics are applied using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to create a hard protective layer over your natural nails. When the acrylic hardens, it provides a perfect canvas for applying nail color.

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Coiffure & Ongle Style Unique | Regular Detailed Price Lists

Services Regular Varnish U.V-Gel / Shellac
Manicure 25$ 35$
Pedicure Express 35$ 45$
Spa & Pedicure 40$ 50$
Mani & Pedi-Combo 55$ 85$
Natural nail 20$ 35$
Gel-U.V N/A 40$
Gel-U.V/Acrylique Overlay 40$ 45$
Nail refeel 40$ 45$
Acrylic (extension + Tips) 55$ 60$
Acrylic (extension + form) 60$ 65$
U.V Gel (extension + tips) 60$ 65$
U.V Gel (extension + form) 65$ 70$